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Game Turbo Pizza

Build a pizza empire with this spicy puzzle game!

Help Rebecca and Robert in their quest to build a pizza empire! Start with one pizzeria and a secret family recipe, and then use your fast feet and service skills to earn enough to buy new equipment and another franchise.

Full version features:
* 50 challenging levels
* 2 delicious locations
* Exciting mini games

Turbo Pizza delivers fresh fun with all the extras. Play today!

Help Rebecca and Robert make some bread in the sandwich biz when you play Turbo Subs or take their business to new heights with Turbo Fiesta.

Use your mouse to pick up items and serve customers. See in-game help for detailed instructions.

System Requirements:
Windows XP/Vista
800 MHz CPU or higher
256 MB RAM
175 MB hard drive space
32 MB graphics card
DirectX 8.0

Developed by: Aliasworlds Entertainment
Published by: Oberon Media, Inc.

60 minutes trial


Turbo Pizza Screenshots